Thad Henry – Principal

Thad W. Henry serves as the principal for Opus Systems, LLC. In this role, Mr. Henry leads the Opus Systems team for all projects and partnerships in support of current government and industry projects. His extensive experience and training as both a project and technical lead provide comprehensive strengths in successfully organizing and managing varied technical projects. Currently, Mr. Henry and his team support multiple systems engineering activities that emphasize configuration and information management. Read more about Opus Systems current projects.

Prior to starting Opus Systems, Mr. Henry served as the NASA Agency Technical Lead for Configuration Management. As such, he led projects to update Configuration Management policy and best practices within NASA and also established a 130-member Community of Practice for Configuration Management practitioners. Further, he established a Configuration Management Standards Portal for Agency use. He has recently led several initiatives for model-based processes and developed training on how to use configuration management standards and advanced configuration engineering concepts.

Currently, Mr. Henry has several projects he is leading as part of Opus Systems including developing systems engineering training material for an international training organization, leading a standards development team for SAE, participating in a certification assessment for the NASA NESC Commercial Crew Office, and leading a Baseline Assessment Team for NASA’s Space Launch System Program.

Previously Mr. Henry served as a technical team lead and manager for NASA within many flagship programs, such as the Space Shuttle Program, the International Space Station, the Tethered Satellite Program, the 2nd Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle Program, the Constellation Program, and the Exploration Systems Directorate.  Read more about Opus Systems Capabilities.

Mr. Henry received a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from Auburn University and holds a Professional Engineering Certification. He is also an NDIA Certified Configuration and Data Manager and has various other certifications in his field. Read more about Opus Systems Certifications.

Mr. Henry also serves on several external professional organizations in leadership roles, such as SAE Systems Engineering and Configuration Management Committees, NDIA Technical Information Division, Product Data Exchange for STEP-ISO 13303, and the Association for Configuration and Data Management.